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L&S: Who's the one roommate you're most attracted to? ZN: Because you don't want to miss the storm that's brewing. SM: Honestly, I went to the open casting as a joke, thinking I would never make it. L&S: Who's the one roommate you're most attracted to? L&S: What's one reason viewers should watch, and why does this season top all others?

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SM: All the girls are attractive in their own ways; I can't really say just one. SM: You have a much more diverse of roommates.

The <b>Real</b> <b>World</b> San Diego

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Having a lesbian (me), a bisexual male (Frank), an AIDS-awareness-charity owner (Alexandra), a huge jock (Zach), a model-actress (Asey), a suicide-awareness guy (Nate) and the happy-go-lucky momma's girl (Priscilla), [results in] a WORLD of things going on in only ONE season. AG: Caring - I'd say my best and worst quality is that I care too much...often for people who don't care enough. I think most arguments can be averted if people just talk it out. NS: I've learned to grow and accept the diverse cultures and lifestyles you come across throughout life. NS: That handsome [image of mine in the] mirror in the bathroom! AK: If that's not obvious, you're not paying attention!!!

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Creative - Whether I'm writing songs or redesning my clothing, I'm a very creative person.

Zach and ashley real world still dating:

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