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The university had been built above a tunnel on the disused Canterbury and Whitstable Railway.

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In July 1974 the tunnel collapsed, damaging part of the Cornwallis Building, which sank nearly a metre within about an hour on the evening of 11 July.

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Fortunately, the university had insurance against subsidence, so it was able to pay for the south-west corner of the building to be demolished and replaced by a new wing at the other end of the building.In 1959 the Education Committee of Kent County Council explored the creation of a new university, The university's orinal name, chosen in 1962, was the University of Kent at Canterbury, reflecting the fact that the campus straddled the boundary between the county borough of Canterbury and Kent County Council.

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In the 2015 Times Hher Education World University Rankings of the Top 100 Universities Under 50 Years Kent ranked 93rd A university in the ancient city of Canterbury was first considered in 1947, when an anticipated growth in student numbers led several localities to seek the creation of a new university, including Kent. A decade later both population growth and greater demand for university places led to new considerations.

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