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(AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) History of the Robeson Cutlery Company ( Roberson Cutlery Straht Razor ( Robeson Tang Stamps (CANoyes Photobucket) Schrade Tang Stamps ( Schrade Cut.

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, written in 1993, but it was only available loy in Wyoming County, New York and surrounding areas. Robeson, Grace Carolyn Robeson, Blanche Robeson, and Robert Robeson.

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All those contain pertinent and interesting information, and would be helpful to anyone interested in pursuing Robeson cutlery as a collecting hobby. Both the Ferguson's and the Voyles' books have numerous illustrations of pocket knives. Bruce Voyles utilized photographs of a collection of Robeson knives that numbered over four hundred pieces. The reason I've detailed the children's names is that when one looks at old shipping notices from the earliest days of the cutlery business, one finds those individuals' initials, stating the knives were packed by or shipped by one or the other family members. two antique straht razors, one is a robeson shur edge, "the razor that fits your face.

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vintage "robeson shuredge" straht razor etched blade hammered tang rochchester pictures sell. Vintage Robeson Shur Edge "Frozen Heat" slicing this is an excellent used robeson jack knife.

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