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In Pics Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh bring home their second child

In Genelia’s words, “Every stage was played out very correctly- be it friends, be it best friends or life partners.” Aww… We wish someone looked at us they way he looks at her.

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In today’s times where love is all about dating, courting and moving on to another when the slht rough patch looms in the corner, Genelia and Riteish re-instilled our faith in the beauty of togetherness and what magic two people can create together.

<b>Genelia</b> d souza baby, photos, son, wallpapers,

Genelia, Riteish Celebrate Son Riaan's Birthday With This Lovely.

After dating for nearly a decade, Genelia and Riteish married on February 3, 2012.They had become such good friends gradually that love just happened.

Genelia d souza baby, photos, son, wallpapers,

There, she too had gotten so used to him being around that she couldn’t help but miss him.

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