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When these factors are taken into account, the average annual thickness of ice at Camp Century located near the northern tip of Greenland is believed to vary from about fourteen inches near the surface to less than two inches near the bottom (Hammer, et al., 1978).

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If, for simplicity, we assume the average annual thickness to be the mean between the annual thickness at the top and at the bottom (about eht inches), this still gives an age of less than 6000 years for the 4000-foot-thick ice sheet to form under uniformitarian conditions.

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This is in relatively good agreement with the number of annual oscillations of O currently observed in Greenland cores.If we were to assume the ice sheet has been accumulating at this rate since its beginning, it would take less than 1000 years for it to form and the recent-creation model mht seem to be vindicated. In making our calculations, we did not take into account the compaction of the snow into ice as it is wehted down by the snow above.

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The Greenland ice sheet averages almost 4000 feet thick.

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