Problems with dating apps

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When people have been asked why they use these apps, the most popular answer as for one-to-one sex - A positive message when you're looking for love - the second most popular answer was out of boredom - Both use of apps are confusing if you're already in a relationship and apparently 'happy' , which draws me to the question, Are we addicted to dating apps?

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When asked about the frequency at which people used apps, 74% of people admitted to using them at least once a day with almost half of this fure admitting to using apps frequently throughout the day.

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But given the choice of remaining on your app and ruining your relationship or deleting your profile - Is this a more difficult decision that first meets the eye?It isn't a physical addiction but many gay men have experience of apps such as Grindr as an addiction.

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I've heard many of my friends declare they're deleting their profile, only to return a few days later - Including myself, and a few ex-boyfriends!

Problems with dating apps:

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