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The process of taking things to the next level -- getting a guy you meet online to ask you to hang out offline -- isn't always as smooth as Rico Suave. Take it from a gal who knows (and works in an office that's 60 % male) -- the opposite sex is just as clueless as we are when it comes to finding dital love.

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Despite the fact that, the first online dating site, was founded in 1992 (which is pretty old for anything in the tech world), in reality this form of dating is infantile in terms of creating a massive dating culture shift.

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So, step away from the keyboard a minute and consider that men don't always know how to ask you out in the worldwide web.And try desperately not to slosh any of his drink on your skirt.

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When you meet in person, the guys' etiquette for courting is obvious: develop some chemistry, get your number...

Online dating how to ask to meet:

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