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(Seriously, it's such a thing on the West Coast, you'd have a harder time finding someone against marijuana use than for it).

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When I asked readers like you about their thoughts, the answer resounded loudly: no. Wait until you've met to share this information. With these changes came a plethora of dating sites adding additional smoking preferences, as well as sites specifiy geared towards those who enjoy a bit of Mary Jane. That goes however with anything that a possible employer or your parents/child(ren) mht find online that you'd rather keep to yourself, or disclose on your own timeline.

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Fast forward a few years, marijuana use is legal in some US states and it's almost impossible to pass ten blocks in Vancouver, Canada without running into a medical marijuana dispensary. Does that mean it's safe now to disclose your pot smoking habits online? So, as with all dating sites, make sure you've read the dating site fine print before trying any out. Because anyone can search and view the site, without even sning up for an account. More » So, it's not pretty, really dated, and a bit offputting - but this is an honest-to-goodness stoner dating site that actually has a large database and a working search feature - for free!Https://com/how-to/how-to-decide-if-virgins-1-mobile-plan...

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"The Cupids of Cannabis" offer up one of the slicker sites to peruse from for a date, and I quite enjoyed the play on words within the company, such as, "plant a seed and watch it grow". Now, the blog hasn't been updated since 2006 (I wasn't joking when I said dated), but there's a huge membership and a decent Terms of Service.

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