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The Office made its television debut on the BBC 13 years ago today, giving British audiences their first taste of one of comedy's greatest characters - David Brent.

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Written by Ricky Gervais, who also played Brent, and Stephen Merchant, the sitcom ran for two series and three special episodes and in 2003 became the first-ever British comedy to win a Golden Globe. You gotta go to Nazareth, please." "My proudest moment here wasn't when I increased profits by 17%, or cut expenditure without losing a single member of staff. It was a young Greek guy, first job in the country, hardly spoke a word of English, but he came to me and he went 'Mr.

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The same year, Gervais also won a Golden Globe for his performance as the manager of fictitious paper company Wernham Hogg. Love, love, love -- all the wretched cant of it, masking egotism, lust, masochism, fantasy under a mythology of sentimental postures, a welter of self-induced miseries and joys, blinding and masking the essential personalities in the frozen gestures of courtship, in the kissing and the dating and the desire, the compliments and the quarrels which vivify its barrenness.

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Maverick, motivator and part-time philosopher, Brent became the show's most quotable character. Live fast, sure, live too bloody fast sometimes, but die young? I can't imagine Jesus going 'Oh, I've told a few people in Betehem I'm the son of God, can I just stay here with Mum and Dad now?

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