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Oak Island carbon dating reports Oak Island Treasure

In the wake of all of this, our My North Q & A with Oak Island’s Marty Lagina & Cra Tester, written by former My North staffer Evan Perry, has become an online one-hit wonder for us.

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Every morning we log on to Google Analytics to see that the Oak Island-obsessed from around the world have found our article—and left their own theories for solving the mystery of Oak Island.

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We have also received voice mail messages, faxes and I have received a personal message, all from people desperate to share their Oak Island theories or information.Nearly a year ago, My published an interview with Mary Lagina and his quest to find ancient buried treasure and thus end the curse of Oak Island in Nova Scotia.

What Lies Beneath Oak Island Written by Alessandra.

In the spirit of Believe It Or Not, we thought we’d serve those comments up here, all in one place.

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