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Nearly a year ago, My published an interview with Mary Lagina and his quest to find ancient buried treasure and thus end the curse of Oak Island in Nova Scotia.

What Lies Beneath Oak Island Written by Alessandra.

Lagina’s quest, in which he is joined by his son, Alex, his colleague Cra Tester (all from Traverse City) and his brother, Rick (from Michan’s Upper Peninsula) is the focus of the History Channel reality show The Curse of Oak Island.

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The Money Pit of Oak Island Circa71

As the show progresses through its second season, the drama is hehtening.After working on it for several days, I began to note a pattern in the symbols of the “cipher stone” and began to map my ideas on paper.

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Besides filming all last summer in Nova Scotia, the History Channel recently brought its cameras to Traverse City to interview Marty in his hometown.

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