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However, both the social media post and the choice of restaurant are snificant — because it’s clear that Priscilla and Sir Tom are happy to announce, quietly, that something is indeed going on between them.

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Cra’s is the most see-and-be-seen restaurant in town, and both will have known that they were guaranteed to be photographed if they went there.

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Their choice of transport — a white Rolls-Royce belonging to Sir Tom — also seems deliberately ostentatious. A friend of Priscilla’s told me: ‘The post is confirmation from her that something is going on.(Two former boyfriends sold stories about their time together after the romances ended.)‘Tom is perfect because he is none of these things and he is the kind of man who will treat her as a princess, and that is the way she likes it.

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We are all thrilled for her as she has been looking for love for a while now.‘She doesn’t want a walker, that does not interest her. She is very youthful in looks and attitude.‘She has had her share of chancers and people who were after the fame or the money.

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