Joseph gordon levitt dating emma watson

Why Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Watson really, really need to.

Despite her worldwide fame, 23-year-old Emma was starstruck when she arrived on the red carpet at Hollywood's Dolby Theatre.

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"I nearly just died, I just met Julia Roberts," gushed Emma.

Why <em>Emma</em> <em>Watson</em> and <em>Joseph</em> <em>Gordon</em>-<em>Levitt</em> Would Make the Best.

Emma Watson Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shares Funny Selfie! Emma.

"She was kind of the reason that I wanted to act, she was the first actress that I really fell in love with, I got a little bit emotional." In spite of her nerves and excitement, Emma appeared calm and collected as she joined .The film world was rocked to it’s very core today with the announcement of the nominees for the 2011 V Movie Awards, the only movie awards show with the courage to hand out trophies for categories like “Best Kiss,” “Bgest Badass Star,” and “Best Scared-As-S**t Performance” (V still thinks it would be too much to include the letters “h” and “i”).

Emma Watson And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Are The Internet's New.

"There's a lot of action but thankfully I didn't get hurt," said Emma, who stars alongside Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins in the movie.

Joseph gordon levitt dating emma watson:

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