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Seul Ong revealed “Then, IU and her mother were fhting over the issue of her not pursuing a college education.

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Because I was caught in the middle of this, I was so worried that I couldn’t tell whether the ribeye was going into my mouth or up my nose.” To this, Seul Ong further revealed “On one hand, IU was asking me to help convince her mother, while her mother was asking me to talk some sense into IU.”Recently, IU had made the decision to forego attending college in an effort to focus on her career.

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Translation: janeberryblue @ We Heart Source: Newsen Orinal Articles: Newsen NATE Head of Korean Singers Association, Tae Jin-Ah to establish an FC together with leader Kim Heung Guk It has been decided to form an Oriole Football team under the Korean Singers Association.The event will be open from August 26th - 28th, 2011! Meanwhile, Seul Ong also revealed an incident with IU involving a dinner. Back when we were both promoting ‘Nagging,’ I had promised to attend a festival at IU’s school.”So after the performance, the two met with IU’s mother for the ribeye dinner.

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The exhibit will have photos of barefoot top celebrities of Korea, including 2AM's Seulong, Seo Inguk, B Bang's Seungri, B2ST, and many many more! Prior to Seul Ong’s confession, Wooyoung had revealed how he “got played by IU” into paying for a $600 ribeye meal.

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