Is it bad to hook up with an ex

We asked Cosmopolitan's sexpert if hooking up with your ex is fair.

This is all my own failing, because she has made clear to me EXACTLY what she wants, with no pretense. But since you asked me, and I’m a guy, I’m going to lay it out for you in guy terms. And what you’ve now discovered, at 21, is that, often having something flawed is better than having nothing. It means scrapping the relationship you’ve been building for 11 months. She knows me a lot better than anyone else out there, we do have great sex, and I don’t have to take her on expensive dates.” And that’s how you find yourself rht back where you started. A woman I loved dumped me primarily because she couldn’t handle who I was – a dating coach, a flirt, and unapologetic about both.

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This would explain why we stay in dead-end jobs and dysfunctional relationships way past their expiration dates. It means you suddenly have a lot of time to fill that was previously occupied. A few weeks after she broke up with me, she came back to fure out how to make things work.

We asked Cosmopolitan's sexpert if <b>hooking</b> up <b>with</b> your ex is fair.

Is it Wrong to Hook up with your Best friends Ex?

Simply, the alternative of reinventing your life is a lot less appealing than keeping up your unpleasant status quo. In short, a break-up leaves a tremendous void that doesn’t just get magiy filled. And a lot of the work is going to be of the trial-and-error variety – going out to bars and not having the guts to ask for a number, emailing a few women online who relegate you to the friend zone, taking out a few first dates where there’s no chemistry, hooking up with a couple of women for whom you have no feelings. After all, we had so much worth preserving; it would be a shame to let our chemistry just fizzle out like that.We have discussed this and she says she wouldn’t feel that way if I found someone first… I know the best decision is to just STOP seeing her.

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Our values are too different.”My concern is that she will find someone before I do, and thus I will be alone and devastated, feeling used as a filler.

Is it bad to hook up with an ex:

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