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As for American-born Asians, 46 percent married someone from a different race in 2015, while 39 percent of American-born Hispanics tied the knot with a person of a different ethnicity in 2015.

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Personal views toward interracial relationships and marriage have changed even more dramatiy in the U. A separate Pew survey recently found 39 percent of adults viewed intermarriage as a “good” thing for society, compared with just 24 percent who advocated for intermarriage in 2010.

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Attitudes toward mixed marriages have shifted even more drastiy when considering American views on the matter back in 1990, when 63 percent of non-black adults said they would be completely or somewhat opposed to a family member marrying a black person.White newlyweds with spouses of a different ethnicity have also increased, from 4 percent to 11 percent since 1980.

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In 2015, only 14 percent of non-black adults surveyed said they wouldn’t agree with a relative marrying a black person.

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