How to tell if you're dating a womanizer

Foolproof Ways to Tell If You’re a Serial Womanizer ~ Romance.

[Read: 7 reasons women don’t understand men’s communication style] #12 Your friends never introduce you to their girlfriends. If you’re struggling to find an answer, then you mht, indeed, be a womanizer. You never talk about having family with girlfriends, nor do you entertain even the slhtest thought of introducing her to yours or of you meeting hers.

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That’s because you’re a womanizer and you know that at heart, you’ll soon have a new flame at your side. It could be the middle of a Tuesday nht and you need some milk from the local store, but there’s no way you’d show up there without looking like you’ve just stepped out of a magazine… [Read: How to manscape rht: 8 manscaping tips to shape it sexy] #17 Your interest in sex wanes. You may have loads of male friends, but you’d never consider a guy’s nht on the X-box with them.

<i>Tell</i>-Tale Sns that You’re <i>Dating</i> a <i>Womanizer</i>

Tell-Tale Sns that You’re Dating a Womanizer

When you’re targeting a new partner, there’s no sexual act you won’t consider. The forced separation from the female population is just too much. Even when you’re talking to a woman you’re not remotely interested in *even the tootess old crone who works at the local coffee shop*, you can’t resist the opportunity to flirt.However, there is rarely smoke without fire, and maybe you should have an honest look at yourself to see if the rumors are true. Womanizers suffer from a kind of relationship-focused ADHD, and a woman who seems to be the object of their affections one day, the next day seems quite dull to them. [Read: 15 reasons why you’re bored with your relationship] #3 You have wandering eyes. [Read: 10 compliments for women that will definitely backfire] #5 You overuse the “L” word.

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You can either act upon it and change things about yourself, or revel in the title and enjoy who you are. Perhaps you have always laughed off the insistence of friends that you’re a modern-day Don Juan as a bit of fun, or a rumor that reached your ears through the local female community as the bitterness of jealousy.

How to tell if you're dating a womanizer:

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