How to not be jealous when dating

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I had to leave for a couple of weeks and could see her on match every nite for 2 hours.. upon my return we confessed love within 3 weeks,,, great sex..

How I Cured My Jealousy! Dating, Relationships, Love & Marriage.

Great everything and then she told me of her other dates while i was gone... I think she put a needless scar on our relationship just so she could prove to herself she could land some dates and shop. she thinks i should be happy because now she is sure im the one... I think the only way to be sure is to date a person a few times. If she would have seen me date 3 differnt times she would have labled me a player... This eats away at me..bucko1, I think you dodged a bullet. It's a mistake to presume that you're dating someone exclusively until you've actually talked about it and have agreed upon it.

<em>How</em> to <em>not</em> be <em>jealous</em> of boyfriend? - GirlsAskGuys

How to not be jealous of boyfriend? - GirlsAskGuys

Everyone has their own ideas about when it's appropriate to become exclusive.I personally followed the rule "no ring, no strings".

Online dating and seeing multiple people at once guys, jealous.

For many people it's when you are intimate but not everyone feels that way.

How to not be jealous when dating:

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