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Then for a while I circled around s of men, all of whom nored me. The one guy I did manage to say hello to—he was waiting for the bathroom, on his phone—just responded, “Sorry, I’m writing an email.” It was such a bizarre experience; I couldn’t tell if I’d become so dependent on dating apps that I’d literally lost the ability to talk to a stranger in a bar, or if it really is just an extremely difficult and awkward thing to do.

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But I wasn’t going to give up so easily, so I relocated to a random bar in Flatiron.

Why it doesn't matter if you met or <em>meet</em> <em>online</em>. - Hannah Brencher

Why it doesn't matter if you met or meet online. - Hannah Brencher

It felt very testosterone-heavy, which I took as a good sn. Eventually, I was drunk enough to just grab someone by the arm and pull him toward me (surprisingly effective).I also love that apps have given new life to the old-school date.

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I also like the increased options, and that apps get you out of your social scene, because even in New York City it’s surprising how quickly you can use up your resources.

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