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Survivor Conference was my favourite event to date.

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It was amazing to meet so many wonderful people who could relate to what I’m going through, and I got to make some real connections that I still maintain today. Tha’er was diagnosed with anaplastic olodendroglioma in November 2015, and is now in remission.

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He says it was really difficult to manage being a full-time student and to be so far from home while dealing with his diagnosis. Building friendships, knowing about others’ experiences at YACC, and getting back on my feet again. Sleeping, ing, driving around (that is, when I was able to drive).Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) wants to hold national events to bring people together whenever possible, and we are very excited to host the fourth annual B Cancer Hook-up on January 28, 2017!

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Since getting involved with YACC earlier last year, Tha’er attended Survivor Conference, The Climb, and Retreat Yourself BC, and says he found those experiences to all be equally memorable. “Cancer may have started the fht, but I will finish it.”Which superpower would you like to have? What are people always surprised to learn about you? MEGAN CAMPBELLHome town: Edmonton, ABMegan was diagnosed with cancer when she was 25 and is still in treatment.

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