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Official Belkin Support Site How to set up your Nest Thermostat to.

Since this looked to be an AC problem, I decided to for help.

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Luckily the heat side of the system was still working…for now.

How to install your <b>Nest</b> Learning <b>Thermostat</b>

How to install your Nest Learning Thermostat

The repairman arrived the next day and determined the problem was the Nest’s wiring, as pulling the AC wire turned off the AC.The repairman then left, since the wiring and thermostat were my problem I had another Gen 1 Nest, but it turned out that that one didn’t want to work either, so I did a little dging.

How to Install a 2nd Generation Nest Thermostat - Snapguide

That indicated a problem with the Nest or its base.

Hook up nest thermostat:

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