Hook up 3 way switch

How To Wire A 3 Way Switch - Wiring Diagram Dengarden

It turns out that Lutron has just introduced the Maestro occupancy sensor dimmer that can be easily installed in place of an existing lht switch.

How to Wire a 3 Way Lht Switch with Pictures - How

After some thought, I decided to try the Maestro in our art & craft studio.

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Way Switch Variations

This is the room that we least notice when the bulbs are burning (it is over the garage and is separated by our guest room from the rest of the house.) Follow along to see how to install your own. 😉 Make sure you purchase the switch specific for your location.If your lht is controlled by two separate switches, chose the 3-way or multi-location switch. Remove the existing lht switch from the junction box but do not remove the wires yet.

How to Install a Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensor on a 3-way Switch

If your lht is only controlled by one switch, the single pole switch is used.

Hook up 3 way switch:

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