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You will NOT always know that you have an infection, often symptoms can be missed or mistaken and sometimes you may show no symptoms at all.

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Everyone who has sex is at risk of an STI and should be tested regularly.

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You should be tested if you have: • Unusual genital/anal discharge • Genital sores, growths or lumps • Pain when passing urine • Painful sex or bleeding after sex • Pain in the lower abdomen • Genital pain • Irregular bleeding between periods Symptoms of an STI may come and go; this does not mean that the infection is cured.The most common areas of the body infected are the genitals, anal area, mouth and throat.

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Also, having one STI can make you more vulnerable to others. The risks of leaving an STI untreated can vary from pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy, infertility in both men and women and even chronic debilitating secondary infections.

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