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The crazier looking bearded man was at a table eating, along with a bald man who had a long ginger beard dressed in a green jumpsuit type outfit, and a hulking giant of a man that put Dean and Roman's heht to shame.

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He made her skin crawl more than any other, just from the way he stared at her; his eyes were wide and his lips curled into a grimace of a smirk.

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She found herself instinctively scooting closer to the man nearest her."They won't touch you," he assured her, "We're simply here to ensure you do not leave and your are properly taken care of.As promised, no harm has come to you, now sit up.""W-Who are you?

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They my kin."Seth shed with an eye roll, but nodded."Fine, whatever, just... Got it."He left after throwing one last glance back at Addalyn and tried to calm the bad feeling Wyatt's family left in his gut.…"Little lamb, you need to drink and eat. Memories flooded her instantaneously and her eyes flew open, just to see the man in the tropical shirt."Hello there Addalyn.

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