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- In case it isn't clear, I chose to write this as a /reader fic instead of a /dadsona fic because of the option to choose "binder bod", and so I would feel like a fucking prick if I wrote a /dadsona story about something where you can choose to have your dadsona be a cis dude or a trans dude. Damien had pulled out a comfortable blanket for the two of you to share as you sat next to each other.

Is Goth dead? State of the goth nation 2012 - by Martin Old Goth.

The two of you are sitting in his library, reading together and listening to the rain hitting the window and the roof.

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CMW Turbo Goth / Viva Non / Dizzyride / Zoe Sky Jordan / Nasyn.

We're just here to have fun and date some hot dads.- Really not sure if any of that made sense. - It recently came to my attention that our boy Damien is, in fact, a trans boy, which is pretty rad. I mht touch upon this subject once in awhile as I write more.- Lastly, this whole thing has absolutely no cohesive arcing plot. I just want to write some short, cute scenes with Damien because he's a good boy and I love him. You snuggle closer to Damien, glancing from your book to his. Also, you'd hate for him to find out that you're reading more of his part is laughing its ass off. The subject connects changing historical structures of patriarchal and paternal authority to the aesthetics of horror and terror, and links modern notions of individuality to conceptions of monstrosity.


It also tracks ways in which the genre was reworked through the 19 th and 20 th centuries.

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