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First dates are always a little bit uncomfortable because you're meeting someone new for the first time.

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Even if it's not the first time you've bumped into each other, it most likely is the first time you're actually going to get to know each other. People are almost always on the defensive on first dates; they aren't super willing to open up to you because they don't trust you yet, which makes asking some of the more personal questions difficult.

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You could ask her if you really want to know the answer, but you aren't sure if it's actually okay to.Now, there are still individuals who are mainly driven by their emotions, by instinct or with little reasoning, and those who are mainly driven by logic.

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Thankfully, there's a way to get to know someone on a deep level without forcefully doing so. Here's a list of four questions you should ask on your next first date (or on any date, for that matter).

First time dating questions:

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