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Like even that bogus rumor about Dara dating kim s** hyun got her dragged all over weibo lol She cares coz she used to date openly before but the press was mostly on her case about the couple's issues and it always made headliners in the Philippines.

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She's pretty private with her personal life too so I can understand.

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I mean I didn't even know much about her family when she was still a Philippines celeb, she really protected her family from the media since everyone knows her wherever she goes. I see nothing wrong or taboo about them getting out there and testing the dating waters.They are reasons other than that usual i'm tired of her talking about her love life (it's the only thing she talks about i s2g) but at least she finally admitted to dating someone.

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We would eat separately.” She then makes everyone laugh when she says, “I asked the members, ‘Are there paparazzi outside? ’ and ‘You’re ridiculous.’” (lmao this was totally CL, bless her)source: soompi natehave you been complaining about being single for years omona, only to backtrack 2 years later and say "lol no I was actually getting some"? they probably had those public interactions to cover their asses in case they got caught. some people think idol is indebeted to them because they buy your cds, go to music shows recordings are k-celebrities that are pretty vocal they will never go public with their relationship because they are aware of the possibility fans will turn their back on them.

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