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After the first few "dates," I was pleasantly surprised to find that everyone seemed kind and within some spectrum of normalcy. Why on earth was I going on about various relious orders? I asked him to repeat himself, but still I couldn't quite catch the foren phrase, though this time I heard enough of the question to realize that my orinal worries were not unfounded: I was being quizzed on a papal encyclical. The men shifted, and because one of the participants hadn't showed up, the organizer sat down across from me to fill the time. The organizer got up, and I laughed, freely this time.

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But even more surprising was this: Few of the guys seemed interested in relion. And why, if these guys had little more than a polite interest in Catholicism, did they all sn up for a Catholic Speed Dating event? He described his business and politely asked about my job. The organizer looked confused, then worried and possibly amused. With his news, the evening's events made much more sense, and at the same time became even more absurd.

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"It's published by the Jesuits," I said, trying to explain the background of the magazine where I work as an editor. But if the guys noticed my perplexed looks, they didn't show it. "So you're Catholic," he said when I told him about the magazine. "No, this one's just a regular NYC event, but there are a few Catholics here," he said, pointing out the guy from the young adult . At the end of the evening I took out a piece of paper on which "yes" and "no" was written next to each date's name.Finally, we sat down and the series of 5-minute dates began. "It's run by the Dominicans," I said, trying to offer more details about my college. "Not people from the Dominican Republic," I clarified. " We went back and forth for a minute, each unsure if the other was being sarcastic. "So are you one of those Catholics who just picks and chooses what they like? The amount of concentration required for me to keep a straht face took up most of my brain power.

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I talked for a bit with a of women who knew each other through a mutual friend at a Catholic church in New Jersey.

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