Dating rims

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21 ka, which are indistinguishable from the Ar age for sanidine from the dome.

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A distinct tephra that erupted from Mono Craters during a pronounced geomagnetic excursion yields a zircon-allanite rim isochron age of ca.

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42 ka [1], which matches the independent Ar [2] and astronomical [3] age for the Laschamp Excursion.Postcaldera rhyolites that erupted within Yellowstone caldera between ca. 70 ka exhibit similar concordance between U-Pb or U-Th ages for rims and their respective Ar ages for sanidine, although variable amounts of crystal recycling are observed.

Dating widespread tephras and their proximal

U-Pb dating of rims on zircon from proximal and distal Lava Creek Tuff, which erupted during the formation of Yellowstone caldera and blanketed much of the western United States, yields crystallization ages that match the Ar age for associated sanidine.

Dating rims:

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