Dating kodak negatives

Kodak 35mm Ektar 100 Color Negative Print Film.

The first photographic images were collected by the Oklahoma Historical Society in 1893; today there are an estimated nine million images in the Research Center collections.

Kodak Black & White Papers - Photographic Memorabilia

Formats include glass plates, tintypes, slides, panoramas, black and white and color prints, and negatives.


Scanning Your Film Negatives vs. Prints An Interesting.

The collection provides examples of Oklahoma's cultural, social, political, military, and business history, along with many other aspects.To explore the photograph archives online, visit the archives section of the online catalog.


Some of the larger collections held by the photo archives are the Barney Hillerman collection, the Ray Jacoby collection, and the Argo collection.

Dating kodak negatives:

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