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If the date feels like a hook-up, that’s probably what he’s seeking.

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To be sure you don’t give the wrong impression, “set a date for the future, and make it the rht time of day and place so the intention of getting to know each other is there in the beginning,” recommends Ian Kerner, Ph.

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D., co-author of Her take: “The first guy I dated when I moved to New York let me take care of him, which I thought would lead to a relationship.Expert take: A lot of guys have two categories of women they’re dating: the women they just want to have sex with and the women they’re interested in having long-term relationships with, Kerner says.

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I was doing things for him like baking cookies, redecorating his place, and having lots of sex, but I found out he had no intention of commitment at all.” -Kate, 28.

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