Dating guys with emotional baggage

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And if it's not, what's making you hesitate when you come across the possibility of love?

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If all else fails, consider talking to a therapist or a love/dating coach about burning that persnickety baggage.

Types of <em>Emotional</em> <em>Baggage</em> that Threaten Relationships

Ways Your Emotional Baggage Hurts Your New Partner More.

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! At times I feel like I'm being a little cold, but I just don't want to invest myself too much, considering the risks.And no, we're not insinuating that he broke up with you because of the way your hair frizzes up in the summer, or because you're always leaving Cheez-it crumbs in bed, or even because you sexted his mom by accident. What's wehing you down, and effing up your love life, is all that emotional baggage. If, for example, you're on a first date and feeling wary and quick to judge, you mht automatiy assume that your date is judging you just as harsy. Way to the buzz before you've even shared your first toast, rht?

Sns Emotional Baggage Is Sabotaging Your Relationship.

Though you've now been told for about the 37th time that, "it's not you; it's me," we're thinking it's time to consider the fact that it mht, in fact, be you. What makes this self-doubt even worse is that, as you see the worst in yourself, you also begin assuming the same of others.

Dating guys with emotional baggage:

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