Dating girl 8 years younger

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Age difference between partners has long been a question of interest.

Dating 7 years younger man - Cougar dating younger man

Remember your hh school days when dating someone a year senior was extremely cool.

What are pros and cons of <em>dating</em> someone 10 <em>years</em> <em>younger</em> than.

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Research on age difference in couples suggests that while the desired gap for men and women is around 13-14 years on average (10-15 years), as specified in their partner preferences on online dating sites, in reality long-term pairs only have 3-4 years disparity.When dating, we are more open to trying out new things, thus a wider gap we list as acceptable. We had very little to talk about or discuss, and never been very close. There was really nothing connecting us except our interest in each other.

What are pros and cons of dating someone 10 years younger than.

The research data may be surprising, but it makes sense.

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