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This College Student Made A Dating Resume And

Until the bisexual, Wiccan, bookstore clerk named Lynn came along.

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I was drinking my sorrows away quite heavily at this point, Lynn and I sort of fell into a kinky S&M-style pseudo-relationship.

This <em>College</em> Student Made A <em>Dating</em> Resume And

Carson Wentz's Roommate He's No Johnny Manziel

There was no actual sex-having, no talking about feelings (or other "mushy" things), but a lot of biting, spanking, and mutual oral sex.When I returned much later, the lhts were off in our room. Moments later he said her name, groaned, then rolled over.

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I got up to go watch TV until they had finished, but as I left the room I heard the voice of a third person join in… In retrospect, I regret not knocking on their door. In a moment of brotherly compassion, I lent him a stack of Weird Al cassettes and left. I cleared my throat audibly, but he just kept going.

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