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— Fusees — Lever Trains — Local Time — ]\Iotion Work — Pendulums — Sines, Tangents, etc. x\dditions have been made to the list of old makers and some inaccuracies corrected. There is a distinction to be noticed between the sn Aries and the constellation of that name.

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— -Pinion — Pneumatic Clocks — Pohshing — Potential Energy — Precious Stones — Ratchet — Regulator — Repeating — Rounding-up Tool — Screws — Sector — Self -Winding — Shaping, Sinking — Silver — -Shde Gauge — SUde Rule — Snailing — Soldering — Spotting — Stop Work — Striking Work — Sundials — Tell-Tale Clock — Tempering — Tidal Clock — Time — Tourbillon — Train — Transit — Turret Clocks — Up and Down Indicator — Watch — -Wheel Cutting Engine — Wheels and Pinions — Table of Chronometer Trains — Circumference and Areas — Clock Trains— Conversion — Date Marks — Wheels and Pinions — Equation of Time — Properties of Metals, etc. I have to acknowledge the kindness of many owners of old time- keepers for valuable assistance. The principal representative specimens I have been enabled to illustrate and describe by special permission of the Queen. A., furnished me with a hst of the clock and watchmakers in his collection, which proved a useful check in several instances. As our year still exceeds the true year, although by an extremely small fraction, another leap year in addition to those should be omitted once in 4,000 years. 636 Old Clocks and their Makers & Hewett (tools), 49 Red Lion St., Clerkenwe U, 1789-94.

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— Compensation Balance — Conical Pendulum — Conversion — Decimal Fractions — Depthing Tool — De Vick's Clock — Dial — Dipleidoscope — Douzieme Gauge — Drilling — Eccentric Arbour — Electric Clocks — Equatorial Clock — Escapements — Ferguson's Clock — Ferrule — File — Friction — Frosting — Fusee — Gilding — Glass — Graver — Gravity — Hall-Marks — Hands — Hardening — Hand Wheel — Hu^-gens' Clock — Ice Box — Inc Uned Plane Clock — ^Jacot Tool— Jewelled — Kew Trials — Ke^^less — Lacquering — Lathes — Magnetism — Mainspring — ^Mandril — ^larble Clock Cases — ^Meridian Dial — ]\Iicro- meter — ^Middle Temperature Error — j NIilhmeter — Moment of Elasticity — Move- ment — ^Musical Box — Non-]\Iagnetisable Watch — Oil- — Oven — Pendulum, Zinc Tubes, Mercurial, etc. Over 400 names have been added to the hst of makers, and some fifty fresh illustrations of interesting specimens included. Few places can boast of a finer display of ehteenth-century clocks than Windsor Castle. A similar favour in respect of the collection at South Kensington Museum has been accorded by Mr. This rectification was not adopted in England till 1752, when eleven days were omitted from the calendar. SPON, LIMITED, -^^j, HAYMARKET, SAV.i Printed in Great Britain by Mackays ., Chatham WORK BY THE SAME AUTHOR The Watch and Clock Makers' Handbook, Dictionary and Guide. 4 Old Clocks and Watches and their Makers The Golden Number.— -Meton, an Athenian astronomer, B. 432, discovered that after a period of nineteen years the new and full moons returned on the same days of the month as they had done before ; this period is ed the cycle of the moon.

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Preface — -Hints on Mechanical Drawing — Acceleration — Adjusting for Tempera- ture — Assaying — Astronomical Clock — Balance — Balance Spring — Timing Box — Isochronism — -Adjustment — Balance Staff — Barometric Error — Barrel — Bench — Bhnd ^Nlan's Watch — Bow — Calendar Clock and Watch — Calhpers — Cannon Pinion — Capillarity — Case Springs — Case Stake — Cement — Centre Seconds — Centre Wheel — Centrifugal Tendency — Chain — Chimes — Chronograph — Chrono- meter — Clepsydra — Clocks, Westminster, etc. It comprises the whole of the last edition compiled, hy my father, revised and enlarged. Hansard Watt for his valuable aid in correcting the proofs and seeing the pub Hcation through the press. "The W^atch and Clockmakers' Hand- book, Dictionary, and Guide " may be consulted by those especially interested in the mechanism of clocks and watches, and who desire more explicit details than I have given here. Read, of the British Museum, has given me every possible help in going over the unsurpassed display of time- keepers in his charge, for the purpose of revising the references thereto. The sidereal year is equal to 365 days 6 hours 9 min. The earth, on the completion of its revolution, returns to the same place among the stars, but not exactly at the spring equinox, owing to the precession of the equinoxes, so in order that the year may accord with the seasons the sidereal year is disregarded in favour of the equinoctial, tropical or solar year, taken as 365 days 5 hours 48 min. Among the Romans no regular account was taken of the difference between the year and 365 days till B. There still remained the apparently trifling difference of 11 min. between the civil and the tropical year ; this, however, produced an error of about seven days in 900 years. struck out ten days, which represented the accumulated error, from the calendar, and it was decided that three leap years should be omitted every 400 years ; thus, as 1600 was leap year, the years 1700, 1800, and 1900 were not, but 2000 will be leap year.

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