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I assume a date coinciding with the temple period and before that. It just seems to me that this was a home grown technology that developed on the island over a considerable period and without apparent outside influence.. The pervasiveness of the artifact throughout the island is similarly intense, both cart ruts and Temple sites are found almost everywhere, and finally, the frequency and depth of their occurrence at or below sea level makes the choice of this period compelling.. We now know that sea levels have risen less than 5 meters since the beginning of the Bronze age whereas there was more than a 12 meter rise of sea level, during and immediately preceding, the time of temple building.

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With known cart ruts in shallow water in St George's Bay near Birzebugga as well as other ruts entering the sea elsewhere, it is compelling to attribute them to an age when the current shoreline was much further from the sea. A temple period date is supported by Sagona 2004, Zammit (1928,20) and Hughes (1999, 72) while Bonanno, Trump and others propose various other more recent dates coinciding with the Bronze age and later.In every kind of clinical issue that psychologists deal with, relationships are a b part of the picture in some way.

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(Sagona 2004) The debate is sure to continue for some time yet.

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