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Connect with anyone you want and either one of you can send the first message. ” If you’re done with trying to find a bro/chick-friend at the bars, Bumble mht be a worthwhile option.

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It’s just as easy as swiping rht and could be a solution for finding friends if you’ve moved to a new city, state, or country, or just want to find someone who has your same interests. Just change your settings to show BFF, (Bumble’s official friend zone) swipe rht on a person of interest and start chatting.

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Bumble has also been tackling the problem of ghosting, which is when a person drops the conversation for no reason at all. And many people, and I’m sure you’re one of them (I know I am), have been ghosted for no obvious reason.If you’ve matched with a person of the opposite sex, Bumble only allows the woman to start the conversation and only within 24 hours (though, paid updates allow for longer response times). Also, and this one is very important, Bumble has seemingly decreased the number of spam bots.

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To deal with this online dating phenomenon, which orinated on Tinder, Bumble updated its app, saying “every chat that is started now requires a reply within the following 24 hours, or that chat expires. ” Bumble’s recent update is an attempt to put an end to the often dreadful online dating outcome — null conversations.

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