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I have been noticing that men in their 40's are choosing women 10-20yrs younger....often over looking women who are also in their 40's and are more knowlegable, financially and emotionally secure....conversation wise it seems that the women that is equal in age would be the better choice....often times.... I am a little bit more mature...a little more reserved...then I have a grown son in his early 20' also single no children, probably more playful....attire...let's just say I love my jeans and fitted T's also butt is not going to be exposed when I sit down or bend over... I thought that was funny.....because the man is the same age as I am...I can hold my own..I am and attractive in reasonably good shape...I don't feel bitter because there is too much difference between this ex-coworker and me mentally...I love who I am...where I am....being in my 40's gives me that....... I prefer a man 40's something to be said for a man that knows how to..many's nice to have the option for a man to date.....

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It's the younger woman still attending or fresh out of college that he that? at waist line of thong or underware in your 30's...a woman nobody should be able to view 1/3 of the * sit in a chair... I feel that if he choose her, then he wanted somebody...was not secure in who she is....... But as far as dating and being single...the ads for men in their 40's...often they are looking for younger women...I didn't really realized that was their preference until recently in the past couple of years...

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I am in my 40's and it was said that a man who is also single and and my age choose a woman who was about 10yrs younger over me...this woman and I are about the same heht and build,same occupation....different personalities........ I would say it isn't so much about your age as it is just finding someone who makes you happy. I haven't been dating latlely..just taking things in really from the I look around..really seems to be the trend now...just for men but for women also as far as dating younger men....that's not my cup of tea however..even though younger men have approached me.... I don't think ALL men go out looking for younger women.

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But I do think that a lot of men around 40 are at a point when they want some "spring in their step" if you know what I mean.

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