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As a result of your campan, I asked my team to conduct a thorough internal investation to look at your allegations in detail.

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We just concluded the investation and wanted to share the results with you and the public.

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We don’t think you were intentionally misleading your fans or the press; you probably were not aware of the prior work done by the talented and diverse team at Buzz Feed.Here is one of your tweets attacking us and the two images you used as evidence that we stole your idea: In addition, we made a You Tube playlist of our introvert content with 19 videos on it — the earliest from August 2013, one and a half years before your “How to Be an Introvert” video.

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But even a cursory investation shows overwhelmingly that Buzz Feed’s video producers have created work that predates the work that was allegedly stolen.

Dating an introvert buzzfeed:

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