Dating a really dumb girl

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If you’re not confident about yourself or are feeling nervous, trust me, it shows. If you aren’t happy being who you are, what are the odds that the girl you’re with would like your company?

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This is one of the bgest reasons why guys get spurned on a date. Some guys have a great positive aura around themselves and some guys are just plain nervous and scared.

Things I've Learned From <strong>Dating</strong>

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If you’re an insecure guy, it’s time to change your behavior. [Read: How to be a better man] #2 Oversensitive guys All our lives, we’ve been taught to be nice and chivalrous.[Read: How to be chivalrous] To sum it up, we’ve all been taught to think like a girl and experience what they feel. They’re very much in touch with the feminine side inside them, but they’ve been so rorously trained on connecting with their feminine side that they’ve crossed the line and have gone way overboard.

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We know we have to help the damsel in distress, step aside in an elevator, hold the door open for women, and make sure she’s all happy and gay. [Read: How to think like a girl and impress her] Sensitive guys are really nice guys who’ve listened to their mama and have learnt their manners.

Dating a really dumb girl:

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