Dating a girl with a crazy ex

How to deal with my girlfriend's stalking and aggressive ex boyfriend.

It seemed in season one that perhaps the musical fantasies were, in a way, contagious, and while it sometimes seemed that Paula was a classic enabler, Donna Lynne Champlin’s standout first season song “After Everything I’ve Done for You (That You Didn’t Ask For” offered an alternate perspective: Rebecca may not have blessed these choices outrht, but she certainly welcomed and encouraged those she did know about.

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As I continued to think about this particular episode, I thought it was about how Valencia, who seems basiy run-of-the-mill neurotic, suddenly starts agreeing to really unhealthy things, with or without peer pressure. Valencia may not have the sneaky ss down pat, but she’s the one who comes up with the fake names.

How to deal <b>with</b> my girlfriend's stalking and aggressive ex boyfriend.

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She’s the one who steals Anna’s keys, and fures out her security code (“I knew that bitch wehed herself”), and by the time they’ve broken into the salon, she’s the one with the stone-cold demeanor.Their initial impulse to research Anna Hicks (Brittany Snow in a solid guest turn) is mutual, as is the trolling of Josh’s Instagram feed that prompts the discovery of Anna in the first place.

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Like Paula in the first season, Valencia isn’t being pushed into these choices, and unlike Paula, there’s not even any pretense that her actions are desned to help Rebecca achieve anything. Josh may have told Anna that they were both nuts, but Rebecca especially so, but this particular set of bad decisions is entirely mutual.

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