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Dating In the Workplace Avoiding A Harassment Claim From A.

It feels great to have found someone special to talk to, someone who makes you laugh and with whom you can share your day-to-day frustrations — even your hopes and dreams.

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But if you find that this person is someone you are also attracted to, even a little bit, you may end up taking things too far. You are sharing frustrations about your marriage or relationship.

<strong>Dating</strong> In the Workplace Avoiding A Harassment Claim From A.

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If you're telling your work friend all about your problems at home, you are asking for trouble.If you share more with your friend than with your spouse, you mht be having an emotional affair. In fact, over half of all emotional affairs start out innocently as online friendships.

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You're creating a unique intimacy with this person and cutting out your partner at home, essentially creating a bond with your new friend to the inevitable exclusion of your partner.

Coworker dating policy:

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