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Once you have established that you can talk negatively about your partner with this person, you are setting up a close and emotional relationship, as well as an opening where this person can move in to fill the needs that your partner isn't. You are watching to see how far you can take the sexy banter. And yes, it mht be okay to send them that sexy You Tube music video — depending on the context, of course. And be honest with yourself: are you testing them to gauge their reaction?

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This is a difficult question, but one you should ask yourself: are you sharing your unmet needs to subconsciously see if this person will meet them? Perhaps they are telling you the things you want to hear, and as such, you are now pushing the envelope to see how far things will really go.

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Riding the edge can feel exhilerating, but it can also be dangerous and disrespectful to your partner.3.But if you find that this person is someone you are also attracted to, even a little bit, you may end up taking things too far. You are sharing frustrations about your marriage or relationship.

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It feels great to have found someone special to talk to, someone who makes you laugh and with whom you can share your day-to-day frustrations — even your hopes and dreams.

Coworker dating policy:

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