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The British-born mother-of-two has made a concerted effort to cover more women's issues, politics, and career-related coverage, recently publishing in-depth features on abortion and birth control.

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#COSMOTries: the Staying Power of Budget Nail Polish 💅🏽 ‘I HATE trying out beauty products,’ said no person EVER!

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This week for #COSMOTries, the beauty team rounded up five willing participants so that we could test how well a DIY manicure would hold up over a five-day period.'It's easier than ever to connect with people, yet studies show young women and men are lonelier than ever.

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'As the editor of Cosmopolitan, I talk to hundreds of young women about the sometimes bewilderingly rapid changes taking place in our romantic lives, and the role new technology plays in our search for intimacy and commitment,' she said in a statement issued through her publisher.

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