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The show’s cast and crew have been vocal about not always getting along with Chase and difficulties with him on set.

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The actors repeatedly joke about their run-ins with Chase on the show’s DVD commentaries.

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But Chase likely didn’t want to see Harmon fired, Jacobs posits.“I think that (the voicemail) gave people the impression that there was some long-standing feud with him and Dan,” says Jacobs, who was in Toronto last week with Brown to promote the release of the first three seasons of the show on Netflix Canada.“I think it was a moment of conflict between the two of them but Chevy in no way wanted Dan to leave the show, that was not his goal.”She acknowledged the history of issues the cast has had with Chase but insisted they weren’t a major problem.“When you work with people for years people aren’t always at their best and I think Dan explained ...There’s no effort underway to broaden the appeal of the esoteric, wacky sitcom that has won raves from critics and bred diehard fans — but hasn’t translated into what would traditionally be considered a TV hit.“I think everybody that’s coming in, that’s new, is very respectful of the show and they want the show to stay the same and they want it to feel like the same show the fans fell in love,” says Jacobs, who plays the character Britta.“You have people who aren’t coming in to change what you’ve already done but are coming to celebrate and continue in the same direction,” adds Brown, who plays Shirley.“It feels to me like the same show and I think fans will agree.”The rash of departures was sparked by news in May that show creator Dan Harmon was being pushed out, shortly after the series was given a 13-episode commitment for its upcoming season.

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What exactly went down and why he was upset and Chevy was upset,” she says.“That was a blip in time that unfortunately got blown out of proportion — because things got put on the Internet — but I would say as a cast we really do love each other.”While fans are eager to learn more about the new season and its potential new direction, Jacobs and Brown would share only a few tidbits.

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