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Five years ago, Yeol-Moo (Baek Jin-Hee) jumped in the car of Prosecutor Dong-Chi (Choi Jin-Hyuk). He asked her to meet him 10 times and then decide if she wants to continue their relationship.

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At the 10th meeting, Yeol-Moo found some crumpled up paper in his backpack and left without saying anything to Dong-Chi.

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Now, Yeol-Moo begins work as a trainee prosecutor and meets Dong-Chi in front of his office. Despite "winning" the trial and the guy getting sent to jail for murdering the kid..someone (guy in back of car) ordered by the guy going to jail to Moon He-Man & he knew there was no way to escape so he just surrendered to it??? This drama was really good overall and I stayed tuned with it every week as well.An entertaining series best watched alongside *A New Leaf, Pinocchio*, and *Missing Noir M*. as there are many characters in this drama, we have to keep in mind of their names in order to understand what is going on as the drama progresses...

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She is assned to the team where Prosecutor Dong-Chi works. Dong-Chi, still holding feelings for her, tries to help her become the best prosecutor, but Yeol-Moo holds a secret. I'm so fed up with these pathetic and insane KD endings. But the last episode was soooo rushed and ended so fast.

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