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That was so out of character that he would lie back in his car and just takes it! Also why would Dong Chi need to quit being a prosecutor for hitting and accidentally ing someone who was trying to murder a child. This ending reminds me of the propaganda of 'Fashion King' that tries to instill fear in people to stand up against corruption. What the heck happened to Moon He-Man in the end when he got in his car? I think it would of needed another episode to clear up everything that was happening.

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Then what happened between the end of ep.20 and the beginning of ep.21. If it wasn't for the amazing Korean actors I would have stopped watching Korean dramas a long time ago. SPOILER For those wondering about chef Moon last scene, yes, I'm pretty sure he died, that's why, while he was talking on the phone, he said to not wait for him because he was going to be late.

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The writers so often get carried away with themselves and loose all credibility. It will take you to journey the gray area between prosecutors' pride and prosecutions' prejudice. The guy in the back of the car was Prosecutor Choi Gwang-Gook's henchman who was there to take revenge for his betrayal. He can now rest in peace because his murderer has been finally caught. i don't understand WHY they fought over Han Byul's murderer ppl who kidnapped Hanbyul & Kangsoo until the end whilst the one who caused this situation (Jung Chang Gi's hit&run, caused kangsoo's mother dead and ppl started trying to kangsoo bcos he's the witness and ppl mistaken which one is the victim's son between Han Byul & Kangsoo so they kidnapped both). Five years ago, Yeol-Moo (Baek Jin-Hee) jumped in the car of Prosecutor Dong-Chi (Choi Jin-Hyuk). He asked her to meet him 10 times and then decide if she wants to continue their relationship.

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The court scene in the last episode was so badly conducted that these prosecutors should be ashamed of themselves. This show uses its mature storytelling to set the heavy yet realistic stage for the development of the past and the present, connecting their shadows at the feet of the beautiful Han Yeol Moo. I would have prefered a less rushed ending, but I'm quite satisfied with this drama. Jung Chang Gi wasn't investated or trial and they were okay with it????

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