1 year online dating at 50

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A gal who would get to know them well enough to understand all of the good qualities hiding behind that sports car photo or loud Hawaiian shirt.

Year of Online Dating at 50 - Melani Robinson

After a year of online dating I a bit of an expert and it seemed like a natural transition to create an online dating workshop/boot camp for men.

<strong>Year</strong> of <strong>Online</strong> <strong>Dating</strong> at 50 - Melani Robinson

New Online Dating Reality Show Dating Over 50 - Episode 1.

A small class where 20 men attend, prepared to work to create the perfect profile and select those critical photos. Also thorougy covered are first date etiquette, dress, grooming and the ever-so-important initial contact. Not one to sugarcoat, there's never any handholding or Kumbaya singing, just the facts on what women are really looking for. I live in New York City where matchmaker Patti Stanger claims that available women outnumber men five to one.

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With over one hundred dates under my belt, I recently concluded a year of online dating. Those odds are probably even hher at my age (51) and yet, a year later, I felt less than charitable towards many of the guys I dated.

1 year online dating at 50:

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