Vice dating a weed dealer

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I suppose he’s a romantic fure — a chivalric pothead — but with little in the way of a motor. It’s not an ensemble film — it’s a showcase for Phoenix (he’s in almost every shot) with a lot of guest stars, cameos, and hipster drop-ins.

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It’s a good thing Phoenix has bales of emotion, or his taking his sweet time would be an irritant. The only other part of any size belongs to Josh Brolin.

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He plays a hardass, civil-rhts-violating cop (he often says he’s been out violating civil rhts), known affectionately as Bfoot, who hates hippies and throws the slur at Doc every time he sees him — though Doc is hardly a classic hippie these days.Then the girl and the mogul disappear — although this is the sort of movie where she mht be dead or she mht have flaked off because she needed more space. Phoenix wears a mutton chop; his curly sideburns resemble Quentin Collins’s on the contemporaneous .


Already the geometry is bizarre, and the movie has barely started.

Vice dating a weed dealer:

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