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Student Dating in Australia - Meet Single Students Online.

“It’s a lot harder to get into a relationship.”Maggie Schwartzmiller , a senior marketing major from Atlanta recently downloaded the app after finding out about it through word-of-mouth.

How does Tinder work? The secrets

“It has a similar concept as [Tinder or Ok Cupid] but with a twist that makes it engaging to users,” she said.

Student <strong>Dating</strong> in Australia - Meet Single <strong>Students</strong> Online.

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“You’re actually playing a game while finding a match.”She hasn’t had any luck in finding “the one” yet but said it made for “an interesting app.”Still, 3 Degrees isn’t perfect yet.The player who finds the ideal match, receives a portion of the bid.

Most college students probably aren't using the dating app Tinder.

The “players” compete to find the ideal match and introduce the bidder to a friend or acquaintance that mht fit the profile.

Uni students dating app:

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