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She also convinced some of her friends to download the app and try it out.“[My friends] liked the app,” Sutlive said.

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“And they still talk to the match.”Sutlive recommended bidders to offer a coffee or dinner date to up the rate of success.3 Degrees isn’t geared towards hookups since it doesn’t offer instant gratification like Tinder or Bumble.

<strong>Apps</strong> college <strong>students</strong> are using to date on campus - Yahoo News

Apps college students are using to date on campus - Yahoo News

Instead, a bidder mht wait a day or two to let players find them a match and set up a proper date rather than meeting on the same day.“Our audience is definitely a little older than just UGA,” ein said.“It’s a lot harder to get into a relationship.”Maggie Schwartzmiller , a senior marketing major from Atlanta recently downloaded the app after finding out about it through word-of-mouth.

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“But you guys are going to grow up.”The app intends to help college graduates find a partner in the modern environment when most of the people around aren’t in the same age, education or socioeconomic class.“I think rht after you come out of school, your prospects go from around 30,000 to maybe three,” ein said.

Uni students dating app:

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