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As he walked toward the players' lounge at Valley Ranch, ESPN asked Owens if he would answer questions and he said, "Nope.''But later Thursday, Owens told The Dallas Morning News: "I'm not jealous of Witten. I can take the approach that I got paid, so screw everything, but that's not me."I just want to win.

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I'm not trying to create a war of words with anybody.

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I thought we had a productive meeting, and I just talked to Jason about Tony reading the whole play because other people are open besides Witten."Witten appeared Thursday afternoon on ESPNRadio 1050 in New York."Tony and I have been friends for a long time, way before either one of us were playing that much," Witten said."The thing that bothers me more than anything about this problem is that it's always something with him -- San Fran, Philly and here, always something. You know, he talks to Sam Hurd and Roy Williams, who just got here and doesn't really know these guys. You think Tony is throwing to him because that's his buddy?

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"I don't think we're drawing up many plays together to be completely honest, but I don't think Terrell feels that way.

Tony romo dating history:

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