Things not to say to a man when dating

Dating Experts Reveal The 16 Things You Should

Just look at the more common male interests like sports and video games.

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And even though we think saying "Lindsay Lohan is hot" is a pretty harmless statement on our part, when we hear that your heart does not just belong to us, our ego takes a nosedive.9. " Guys have learned that there is no correct response to questions regarding other girls. Case in point: We say: "Yeah, she's a babe." You say: "I hate you." If we say, "She's OK, but you're much prettier," you say, "You're lying." Get my point? If the world were a perfect place, you could say "Usher is a babe" all you wanted to, and we could say "Hilary Duff is hot" all we wanted to.

<b>Dating</b> Experts Reveal The 16 <b>Things</b> You Should

Dating tips 10 things not to say or do if you ever want to see them.

But our world is far from perfect."Maybe we should date other people." Really, does anyone ever want to hear this? As gently as you may be trying to put it, what we hear is, "There are probably better fish in the sea and, well, I'm ready to go fishing." Not easy on the male ego. Maybe we can even go out for cappuccinos some time.We realize in each relationship that there will be bonehead moments now and then.

Things to Do and Never Do While Dating

And let's face it: When you get to the point where you want to date other people, the relationship is pretty much history. Instead of using a line to try to make it easy, just tell it like it is and honestly let us know that you want to end things.

Things not to say to a man when dating:

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