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Aside from the token “cool teacher” with whom I mht occasionally have a personal conversation, I treated my teachers as distant authority fures and engaged with them through formal interactions.

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Though some students back home had closer relationships with their teachers, many of the interactions that comprise the teacher-student relationship in Korea would be grounds for dismissal in the States.

Can You Really Make Money <i>Teaching</i> <i>English</i> in <i>Korea</i>?

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I do not say this (or anything else) to pass judgment, but I want to emphasize the level of difference in accepted teacher-student interactions. Touching, texting, playing, and even corporal punishments, are all a daily part of Korean school life. Teachers in Korea will shake, pick up, and even hit their students, no matter what their age.If you witness something like this, it will surely be uncomfortable but it’s best to stay out of it. At my school for example, really bad students will have to do community service at a nursing home.

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Corporal punishments were only recently made illegal in public schools.

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